As a wellness professional I love sharing solutions that have worked for me with those in my community.  I absolutely love the products listed below as I believe that they promote heath and wellness inside and out!!


IDLife Vegan Shake

We all know that we need six servings of fruits and vegetables every day but when life gets busy giving our body what it needs can fall by the wayside.  If I missed going to the grocery store to get my smoothie mix I would easily fall behind in doing the right thing for my body.  But not anymore!!! This vegan shake has been a game changer for me! Now I simply add a scoop to my almond milk, shake, and go.  In just one scoop I get six servings of fruits and vegetables along with the superfoods of chia, flax, and quinoa.  I also, get 20-grams of premium plant-based protein that helps me to maintain lean muscle and good digestion.  Learn more click here.

Alodia Nourish & Grow Healthy Hair and Scalp Oil

As an Alodia Brand Ambassador I am excited to share my favorite hair oil that has been instrumental in the growth of my natural hair.  Dr. Chambers has created an oil that meets my hair needs by locking in moisture,  stimulating my scalp, and stopping breakage which is key to hair retention.  Use the code: MothersDay20 to receive 20% off the hair oil or other products.  Learn more click here.

Shea Butter Like Whoa

For a number of years I've dealt with eczema primarily during the winter months and this year I made the decision to research finding a solution.  Although my flair ups are minor at times I wanted to be proactive in finding a solution.  I had been eyeing Shea Butter Like Whoa on Instagram for a few months and after reaching out to the owner, Terry I was excited to give his product a try.  Well let me tell you I was not disappointed.  I purchased the Black Passion scent and I absolutely love it.  The consistency makes you say whoa!  The butter melts into your skin leaving you moisturized and smelling heavenly.  And I'm happy to say I haven't had any issues with eczema this winter.  Learn more click here