As a wellness professional I love sharing solutions that have worked for me with those in my community.  I absolutely love the products listed below as I believe that they promote heath and wellness inside and out!!


Slim+ our new weight management supplement that will transform your health and wellness journey!  This delicious formula is designed to help you:

+Manage weight

+Control your hunger

+Curb those unwanted sugar cravings

+Provides focus and energy to power through your day.




Made with Natural Flavors and Sweeteners

Contains Prebiotics to Support a Healthy Gut

Provides Appetite Control

Helps Boost Metabolism

Supports Weight Management Goals

Just mix one stick into 8-10 ounces of water and shake well. For best results, consume twice daily.

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Alodia hair oil.jpg

This hair oil has been instrumental in the growth of my natural hair.  Dr. Chambers has created an excellent light-weight oil that meets my hair needs by locking in moisture, stimulating my scalp, and stopping breakage which is key for hair retention.  Click here for details


Healthy snacks just got easier!  When I'm on the go and I need an healthy option I reach for Oh-Mazing granola because it's a snack that I TRUST!  Owner, Stephanie Williams developed your own granola recipe to provide her family with a healthy snack alternative and I'm so glad that she decided to share this goodness with us.  Click here for details